Report Package

Improve Efficiency in Your Production Processes!

In today's rapidly changing business world, it has become inevitable for manufacturing companies to embrace digital transformation in order to stay competitive and increase their efficiency in production processes. Efficient and error-free management of production processes is critical for the success of businesses in the manufacturing sector. In today's competitive business environment, improving production efficiency and optimizing processes are essential to gain a competitive advantage. As "Digitanol," we offer SAP MII/ME consulting services along with our "Report Package," which allows businesses to access detailed production reports, monitor operator late start processes, reduce downtime with downtime tracking reports, optimize production with mold tracking reports, save energy with energy consumption reports, monitor production processes with OEE ANDON system, and increase process visibility with Product Route View.

Detailed Production Reports
The Report Package provides detailed production reports to help businesses monitor and assess their performance in production processes. Reports are presented separately and collectively under three main categories: Availability, Performance, and Quality, helping you perform root cause analysis and identify areas for improvement.
Downtime Tracking Report
The downtime tracking report is used to analyze the reasons for downtime on production lines. With the Report Package, downtime reasons are tracked, and measures are taken to rectify process disruptions.
Mold Tracking Report
The mold tracking report allows you to monitor mold changes and usage times. With the Report Package, you can improve mold efficiency and minimize interruptions in processes.
Energy Consumption Reports
Energy consumption reports help businesses track energy usage and achieve energy savings. With the Report Package, you can analyze energy consumption data and take appropriate measures to improve energy efficiency.
OEE Andon
OEE Andon is used to monitor efficiency on the production line and provide real-time information to operators. With the Report Package, you can track production performance in real-time and take necessary actions promptly.
Product Route View
Product Route View allows you to track the step-by-step production processes of products. With the Report Package, process visibility is enhanced, leading to improved production efficiency and quality.
Operator Late Start Report
Operator late start is critical to reducing downtime and increasing efficiency in production processes. With the Report Package, the late start status of operators is tracked, and measures are taken to increase efficiency.

The "Digitanol" "Report Package" is a powerful application package designed to help businesses improve production efficiency and optimize operations. With features such as detailed production reports, operator late start monitoring, downtime tracking reports, mold tracking reports, energy consumption reports, OEE ANDON, and Product Route View, it assists businesses in effectively managing their processes. With these solutions, you can increase your company's production performance, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable production success.

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