Maintenance Package

Digitalize Maintenance Management with Mobile Applications

In today's competitive business world, effective management and maintenance of facilities and equipment in the manufacturing sector is of critical importance. Efficient and timely execution of maintenance processes ensures uninterrupted operations and increases productivity. At Digitanol, we simplify maintenance management with our 'Maintenance Package,' designed to digitize maintenance processes and optimize them using mobile applications.

Integrated with SAP-PM Module
The ‘Maintenance Package’ is a powerful mobile application package that seamlessly integrates with the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module. While the SAP Plant Maintenance module allows businesses to centrally monitor maintenance management, the ‘Maintenance Package’ mobile application enables field teams to digitize maintenance processes and update records in real-time.
Facility and Equipment Management
With the ‘Maintenance Package,’ field teams can easily access all information related to facilities and equipment. They can check facility information before and after maintenance, update equipment statuses, and track maintenance history. This provides accurate and up-to-date information about the maintenance status of equipment.
Planned and Shutdown Maintenance Management
Planned maintenance and shutdown maintenance enable businesses to maintain uninterrupted processes. With the ‘Maintenance Package,’ you can manage planned maintenance processes, create maintenance schedules, and facilitate field teams in performing these maintenance tasks.
Maintenance Work Order Management
Maintenance work orders ensure that field teams complete specific maintenance tasks. The ‘Maintenance Package’ allows for the mobile management of maintenance work orders, enabling field teams to receive, complete, and update work orders on the go.
Material Management and Stock Tracking
Material management and stock tracking are crucial in maintenance processes. With the ‘Maintenance Package,’ field teams can track material usage and update stock levels in real-time.
Reporting and Data Analysis
The ‘Maintenance Package’ provides reporting and data analysis capabilities for maintenance processes. You can monitor maintenance performance, evaluate the efficiency of maintenance processes, and identify areas for improvement.

The 'Maintenance Package' is a powerful mobile application package offered by Digitanol. By integrating with the SAP-PM module, this application digitizes maintenance management, enhances field team productivity, and optimizes maintenance processes. Features such as facility and equipment management, planned and shutdown maintenance management, maintenance work order management, material management, stock tracking, reporting, and data analysis help businesses streamline their maintenance processes effectively.

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