Hand Terminal Package

A Comprehensive Solution for Mobile Production Management and Efficiency

In today's rapidly changing business world, it has become inevitable for manufacturing businesses to embrace digital transformation in order to remain competitive and increase their efficiency. Making production processes more flexible and efficient, making data-driven decisions, and optimizing operations are essential factors for success. At Digitanol, we digitize production processes and enhance the efficiency of field teams with our 'Handheld Terminal Package' developed to improve mobile production management and productivity for businesses.

"The Handheld Terminal Package" is a robust mobile application package offered by Digitanol. It enhances the efficiency of field teams, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of operational data. By digitizing production processes, it facilitates quick decision-making. It assists businesses in streamlining their production processes with features such as material management, quality control and inspection, productivity-enhancing functions, and easy integration.

Mobile Manufacturing Execution
The Handheld Terminal Package is a powerful mobile application package that helps you manage your field operations more efficiently. Integrated directly into production processes, the Handheld Terminal enables operators to access production information instantly and update records in real-time. This improves data accuracy and timeliness, reduces paper usage, and streamlines business processes.
Material Management and Tracking
The Handheld Terminal Package facilitates and tracks material management for field teams. All processes, from material procurement to consumption and inventory adjustments, can be monitored through mobile devices. This leads to more efficient material usage and more effective inventory management.
Quality Control and Inspection
With the Handheld Terminal, operators can perform quality control and inspection processes on the go during production. By conducting real-time quality checks, it enables the early detection of errors and enhances production quality.
Productivity-Enhancing Functions
The Handheld Terminal Package includes a set of features designed to enhance the efficiency of operators. It provides operators with the necessary data to improve production processes, such as personnel management, tracking interstation transition times, and features like OEE ANDON.
Flexible and Easy Integration
The Handheld Terminal Package seamlessly integrates with the SAP MII/ME platform. It can be easily integrated into existing systems, providing mobile production management solutions to businesses without the need to change their current infrastructure.

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