MES Solutions


Strong Steps in Industrial Transformation: Enhance Efficiency, Achieve Success!

In the business world of the digital age, efficiently managing and optimizing production and manufacturing processes is of critical importance for businesses to gain a competitive advantage. At Digitanol, we offer advanced MES solutions to accelerate your business's industrial transformation and achieve excellence in your production processes.

DMC Solutions:
SAP DMC (Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning) is an advanced MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution for material management and inventory planning. DMC solutions monitor material demand and stock levels in real-time, helping to make your supply chain more efficient and flexible. Additionally, it aids in optimizing material flow to reduce inventory costs and respond more quickly to customer demands.
ME Solutions:
SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) is a comprehensive MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution designed to manage and monitor production processes in real-time. ME solutions provide the tools needed to optimize your manufacturing operations, enhance quality, and ensure consistency in production processes. By assisting operators in managing work orders more efficiently and generating production reports instantly, it increases efficiency in your manufacturing processes.
MII Solutions:
SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) is a powerful MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution that enables efficient management of manufacturing processes and real-time monitoring of production data. MII solutions facilitate the central collection, processing, and analysis of production data, allowing for faster and data-driven production decisions. Additionally, it helps reduce operational costs by identifying inefficiencies and minimizing waste in manufacturing processes.
OEE Solutions:
SAP OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution used to measure and optimize the performance of manufacturing equipment. OEE solutions monitor the efficiency, availability, and quality performance of manufacturing equipment, allowing you to identify inefficiencies in your production processes and improve productivity.
Fiori Solutions:
SAP Fiori, a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that helps businesses provide mobile access to SAP applications. Although it’s not a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution, it enhances the usability of various SAP applications, making it easier for employees to access production data and processes and efficiently manage business processes through mobile devices.

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