MES Solutions Tailored for the Valve Sector

Monitor Your Production in Real-Time and Analyze Bottlenecks with Our MES Solutions!

Production Execution:
It offers the possibility to manage production processes with SAP MES. Track work orders, production confirmations, activity durations, and consumption!

Run your production with a single click using lean and simple operator screens!

Production Analysis:
  • Perform root cause analysis with real-time production data!
  • Access OEE and KPI reports with a single click!
  • Improve your efficiency with downtime reports!
  • Easily integrate between Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT)!

Our Customers:

The Solutions We Implemented:
  • Makineden veri toplanması
  • Data collection from machines
  • Processing of machine data
  • Decision-making methods based on leak tests
  • Integration of downtime reasons
  • SAP MII-SAP ERP IDOC integration
  • SAP ERP-MII RFC integration
  • PP-PM-QM-EWM-MM-HR Integrations
  • Input of QM results with machine data
  • Operator screen designs (SAP UI5)
  • OEE calculations and display on screens

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