Paper Industry-Specific MES Solutions

Control and Monitor Your Production in Real-Time with Our MES Solutions!

Production Execution:
It offers the opportunity to manage production processes with SAP MII. Track work orders, production confirmations, activity durations, and consumption!

Execute your production with a single click using lean and simple operator screens!

Production Analysis:
  • Perform root cause analysis with real-time production data!
  • Obtain OEE and KPI reports with a single click!
  • Enhance efficiency with downtime reports!
  • Easily integrate between Operation Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT)!

Our Customers:

The Solutions We Implemented:
Aktül Kağıt, being one of the leading companies in the hygiene paper sector, aims to improve production efficiency by providing real-time production confirmations, minimizing downtime, and reducing product changes in the field.

  • Solution:

By directly communicating with the converting and napkin machines, SAP MII system is used to track downtime in real-time and analyze bottlenecks on the production line. Rules have been established for operators to assign reasons for downtime in real-time, and downtime reports, real-time production tracking screens, daily production reports, and other reports have been prepared to enable root cause analysis.

  • Collecting data from machines
  • SAP MII OEE Integration
  • Real-time line monitoring
  • Daily production reports
  • ABB robot integration
  • SAP PCo
  • Processing machine data
  • Integration of downtime reasons
  • SAP MII-SAP ERP IDOC integration
  • SAP ERP-MII RFC integration
  • PP-PM-QM-EWM-MM-HR Integrations
  • Operator screen designs (SAP UI5)
  • Performing OEE calculations and displaying them on screens

The Solutions We Implemented:
Ankutsan, a company operating in the corrugated cardboard and paper sector, was established in 2002 with 100% domestic capital. The company operates with five production facilities, totaling 239,000 square meters of space, located in Antalya, Mersin, Ankara, Adana, and Tekirdağ Çerkezköy.

  • Solution:

In Fosber and BHS corrugated lines, clothing and dye lines, and paper production factory, DigiMES (MII) allows for the automatic confirmation of production and the collection of consumption data from the machines. As a result, all five factories have been seamlessly integrated from end to end with DigiMES (MII), enabling them to manage production through the system and report their results.

  • Data collection from machines
  • OEE reports
  • Downtime reports
  • Integration with Fosber
  • RFID-based inventory tracking
  • Integration with flexo, texo, and other clothing machines via Modbus
  • SAP PCo
  • Processing of machine data
  • Integration of downtime reasons
  • Integration between SAP MII and SAP ERP IDOC
  • Integration between SAP ERP and SAP MII RFC
  • Integration with PP, PM, QM, MM, and HR modules
  • Operator screen designs (SAP UI5)

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