MES Solutions Specific to the Automotive Sector

Produce with minimum stock levels using our MES solutions!

Production Execution:
It offers the possibility to manage production processes with SAP MES. Track work orders, production confirmations, activity durations, and consumption!

Run your production with a single click using lean and simple operator screens!

Production Analysis:
  • Perform root cause analysis with real-time production data!
  • Access OEE and KPI reports with a single click!
  • Improve your efficiency with downtime reports!
  • Easily integrate between Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT)!

Our Customers:

The Solutions We Implemented:
With SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) standard solution, you can achieve the following:

  • Manage ME stock movements, pack-unpack, and container management.
  • Calculate actual activity confirmations.
  • Capture and calculate actual consumption from the field.
  • Integrate with Delta PLC.
  • Integrate with Turck PLC.
  • Integrate with Arburg injection machines.
  • Integrate with Engel injection machines.
  • Collect data from machines.
  • Process machine data.
  • Integrate downtime reasons.
  • Enable SAP ME-SAP ERP IDOC integration.
  • Enable SAP ERP-ME RFC integration.
  • Integrate with PP-PM-QM-WM-MM-HR modules.
  • Enter QM results using machine data.
  • Design operator screens (SAP UI5).
  • Generate OEE reports.
  • Generate downtime reports.
  • Create setup and mold changeover process reports.
  • Generate injection process parameter reports.
  • Use a quality results entry cockpit.

The Solutions We Implemented:
  • Data Collection from Machines
  • Processing of Machine Data
  • Downtime Reasons Integration
  • Multi-skill/Certification Checks
  • SAP MII-SAP ERP IDOC Integration
  • SAP ERP-MII RFC Integration
  • SAP ERP-MII WS (Web Services) Integration
  • Integration with PP (Production Planning), PM (Plant Maintenance), QM (Quality Management), EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), MM (Materials Management), and HR (Human Resources) modules
  • Quality Management (QM) Result Entry using Machine Data
  • Operator Screen Design (SAP UI5)
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Calculations and Display on Screens
  • Warehouse Management System (Forklift and Warehouse Personnel Process) within MES

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