Industry-Specific MES Solutions for the Aluminum Sector

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Production Execution
SAP MII provides the opportunity to manage production processes. Track work orders, production confirmations, activity durations, and consumption!

Run your production with one click using lean and simple operator screens!

Production Analysis:
  • Perform root cause analysis with real-time production data!
  • Obtain OEE and KPI reports with a single click!
  • Enhance your efficiency with downtime reports!
  • Achieve seamless integration between Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT)!

Our Customers

Our Implemented Solutions
The first SAP MII OEE project in Turkey!

  • Collection of process parameters from the machine
  • Extrusion traceability and process parameter reporting
  • Processing of machine data
  • Downtime reasons integration
  • SAP MII-SAP ERP IDOC integration
  • SAP ERP-MII RFC integration
  • SAP ERP-MII WS integration
  • PP-PM-QM-EWM-MM-HR Integrations
  • QM results entry with machine data
  • Operator screen designs (SAP UI5)
  • OEE calculations and display on screens
  • All production, quality, and maintenance screens were designed on MII.

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