For Minimal Requirements in Production, DigiTRACE!

Connect your machines to ERP in all your factories to organize production operations and reporting on a business center basis.

What is DigiTRACE?

DigiTRACE is a third-party software solution used for managing and analyzing production processes. This solution internally generates key data and work orders, organizing machines and production operations while providing reporting capabilities.

Production Execution:
It provides the ability to manage production processes with standard functions developed to track work orders, production confirmations, activity durations, and consumption. It offers a user-friendly interface with lean and simple operator screens.
Production Analysis:
  • Perform root cause analysis with real-time production data
  • Obtain OEE reports
  • Downtime and KPI analysis
  • Operator performance reviews
  • Easy data integration between Operational Technology and Information Technology

DigiTRACE software offers many ready-made solutions

Ready MES Solutions:
  • Order confirmation and splitting
  • Personnel shift management
  • Polivalency management
  • Automatic downtime services
  • Manual downtime operations
  • Fault management
  • Quality management
  • Material consumption
  • Inventory management
  • Visual route viewing
  • Notification management

  • Personnel late start
  • Personnel early finish
  • Shift-based, monthly, annual OEE analysis
  • OEE loss analysis report
  • Machine-based downtime report
  • Root cause Pareto analysis
  • Performance loss report
  • Theoretical vs. actual time comparison report
  • Real-time OEE reporting
  • Machine downtime scheduling report

Adaptable Architecture:
  • Flexible structure with adaptable architecture suitable for all production management forms
  • Meets MES customization needs with machine-based configurations without coding
  • Structure that facilitates the work of your software development teams and integrates new developments
  • Central management capability with adaptable structure in integration architecture
  • Polivalency adjustments with performance-based detailed authorization breakdowns

Machine-Based Customization:
  • Manage your workflow without coding with machine and line-based configurations
  • Adapt users based on machines
  • Change your root codes based on machines
  • Enter planned downtimes
  • Customize your KPI targets
  • Manage your shift assignments

Integration Management:
  • Configuration of reprocessing for incorrect records
  • Trigger point creation according to message type, sharing message content with other applications when the relevant message arrives
  • Asynchronous/offline processing capability

Personnel Management:
  • Ability to perform manual maintenance
  • Authorization based on material, machine, and certificate
  • Bulk maintenance capability
  • Shift personnel planning
  • Performance-based automatic shift personnel assignments

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