Smart Manufacturing with DigiMES!

Connect your machines to ERP in all your factories to organize production operations and reporting on a business center basis.

What is DigiMES?

DigiMES is a software solution belonging to the SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) or SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) package used for managing and analyzing production processes. This solution integrates machines and production operations into ERP systems in factories, providing reporting capabilities. DigiMES offers significant advantages to companies in their digital transformation journey.

Production Execution:
SAP MII enables the management of production processes. It has standard functions developed to track work orders, production confirmations, activity times, and consumption. It offers a user-friendly interface with lean and simple operator screens.
Production Analysis:
  • Perform root cause analysis with real-time production data
  • Obtain OEE reports
  • Downtime and KPI analysis
  • Operator performance reviews
  • Easy data integration between Operational Technology and Information Technology

DigiMES software offers many ready-made solutions

SAP Integration:
  • Material master data
  • Integration of discrete, batch, and process production orders
  • Automatic management of additional fields in production orders
  • Work plan master data
  • PP workplace master data
  • Bill of materials master data
  • Equipment and technical unit master data
  • Unit of measure master data
  • Personnel master data
  • Control characteristics
  • Production confirmations

Ready MES Solutions:
  • Order confirmation and splitting
  • Personnel shift management
  • Polivalency management
  • Automatic downtime services
  • Manual downtime operations
  • Fault management
  • Quality management
  • Material consumption
  • MII inventory management
  • Visual route viewing
  • Notification management

  • Personnel late start
  • Personnel early finish
  • Shift-based, monthly, annual OEE analysis
  • OEE loss analysis report
  • Machine-based downtime report
  • Root cause Pareto analysis
  • Performance loss report
  • Theoretical vs. actual time comparison report
  • Real-time OEE reporting
  • Machine downtime scheduling report

Adaptable Architecture:
  • Flexible structure with adaptable architecture suitable for all production management forms
  • Meets MES customization needs with machine-based configurations without coding
  • Structure that facilitates the work of your software development teams and integrates new developments
  • Central management capability with adaptable structure in integration architecture
  • Polivalency adjustments with performance-based detailed authorization breakdowns

Machine-Based Customization:
  • Manage your workflow without coding with machine and line-based configurations
  • Adapt users based on machines
  • Change your root codes based on machines
  • Enter planned downtimes
  • Customize your KPI targets
  • Manage your shift assignments

Integration Management:
  • Configuration of reprocessing for incorrect records
  • Trigger point creation according to message type, sharing message content with other applications when the relevant message arrives
  • Asynchronous/offline processing capability

Personnel Management:
  • Integrated with SAP HR
  • Ability to perform manual maintenance
  • Authorization based on material, machine, and certificate
  • Bulk maintenance capability
  • Shift personnel planning
  • Performance-based automatic shift personnel assignments

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